NEW! Shared Program for Grandparents and Grandkids together

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Grand Sparks is a one-week activity day camp that will challenge grandparents to interactive outdoor play and recreation with their grandchildren. The ultimate goal is to motivate seniors to become more active and find a recreational activity that becomes a shared, routine, interactive pastime with youth. Small local businesses and individuals will lead sessions in adventure hiking, canoeing, biking, yoga, strength training and much more. This program will also include nutrition workshops daily.

You don’t have to officially be a senior, or a grandparent, to participate. You only need to be an older adult bringing a youth partner, and lots of sunscreen.

This is a pilot project in conjunction with Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health. By signing up for Grand Sparks, you will also be participating in rural health research. The primary question: What motivates people to get active and stay active? Many people will start an exercise program with good intentions, but often lose interest or motivation to sustain that activity over time. We are curious whether a program like Grand Sparks, that focuses on building relationships through a shared activity, is a more sustainable exercise program.

To learn more or to register go to www.grandsparks.ca

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