Grand Sparks: Spark some fun with your grandkids!

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Grand Sparks is a one-week activity day camp that will challenge grandparents through interactive outdoor play and recreation with their grandchildren. The ultimate goal is to motivate seniors to become more active and find a recreational activity that becomes a shared, routine, interactive pastime with youth. Small local businesses and individuals will lead sessions in adventure hiking, canoeing, biking, yoga, strength training and much more. This program will also include daily nutrition workshops where grandparents and their grandkids work together to prepare a healthy lunch each day.

You don’t have to officially be a senior, or a grandparent, to participate. You only need to be an older adult bringing a youth partner, and lots of sunscreen.


Join us from July 6-10, 2020 from 9am-12pm for a big dose of outdoor fun and healthy living. The mornings are packed full of fun activities, starting at 9am.


Right here at Edge of Walton Challenge Course! Find us at 42932 Walton Rd., Walton ON. All activities will take place on site.

Cost to Participate

Grandparents can bring up to 2 grandchildren each. So, $145 for Grandpa, $145 for Grandchild, and $145 for an additional grandchild. This cost includes all activities, and a delicious and nutritious lunch each day.  Discounts are available for mult-registrations and will be applied prior to check-out!

How do I sign up?

All registration and payment is handled online for easy organization. Click here to register for our Grand Sparks day camp!


A Line in the Ice is a new program for youth leaders 14-21 yrs to set and maintain a high standard of honour, integrity and sportsmanship


A Line in the Ice is a one day program targeting young male hockey players between the ages of 14-21. The program features a day spent traversing the low and high ropes challenge course, leadership building activities and a workshop focusing on consent within relationships. By reaching young men through sport at a pivotal point in their lives, it is our aim to instill in them the character traits society increasingly demands.

Here is the game plan: We are inviting area teams to send team leaders to the challenge course facility in Walton at no cost. There, they will have the chance to meet and listen to established community leaders and experts in the field of sexual consent, former and elite players who will talk about their experiences in the game and what these young men need to set and maintain a high standard of honour, integrity and sportsmanship on and off the ice.

For more information, or to register for the limited space , taking place on Saturday, August 8th, program please contact Melody (melody@motocrosscanada.ca  or text or call 519-440-9424)

A Line in the Ice is a pilot program facilitated by the Edge of Walton Challenge Course and in collaboration with the Huron Women’s Shelter, the Huron Domestic Assault Response Team (DART) and Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health.

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