Low Course Elements


Low Challenge Course Elements take place on cables and ropes a few feet off the ground. Trust and one-to-one support between teammates is the focus of these elements. Participants share risk taking and coach each other for a shared success to accomplish the tasks.
Elements include:

  • Portal
  • Spiders Web
  • Trust Fall
  • Queens Posts
  • Initiative Walls
  • Kings finger
  • Zig Zag Cross





Special activities


Depending on seasonality , availability  and the nature of the program EWCC offers a wide variety of supplemental activities such as:

introductory offroad motorcycle instruction, sc74898_10151559961563457_433650140_nBMX ,sc1003705_10151559958713457_1717731127_n Canoeing/kayaking,sc971148_10151558213913457_1480280654_n survival training,sc1069216_10151558213253457_1837524078_n horseback riding,

archery,sc1005454_10151562345358457_1250951817_n naturalist training,sc66125_10151558212733457_1383279740_n

knife and axe throwing, and sometimes the unexpected sc944550_10151564867708457_1073324315_n

Mountain Biking


bikes 422218_10150977249408457_1764319302_n
Join us for introduction to mountain biking with one of our instructors through our entry level trails and tracks or enjoy it as part of most ‘challenge’ packages

We offer a variety of terrain and obstacles. New high end Scott bicycles are provided to use, along with helmets.

bikes 10178080_10152262539898457_7581314350252499007_n








High Tower Elements


Taking Your Team to New Heights!

High Challenge Course Elements take team members to new heights. Participants work though a series of climbing and balancing activities up to forty feet in the air. Each person experiences the thrill of reaching beyond their personal perceived limits to attain goals, all with total team focus and support. Our high ropes tower allows participants to experience unique movement opportunities that are challenging and exciting.

Everyday we see kids and adults do things they never thought they had the ability to do. That’s Edge of Walton.  It’s taking that little step outside of your comfort zone to experience the amazing opportunities waiting just outside.


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