The Challenge Course – fun for all ages

2022 Summer Camp Dates

Registration for the 2022 summer camps at Edge of Walton open Monday, January 24th at 7:00 am EST Click HERE (https://edgeofwalton.regfox.com/2022-summer-camps) to get a reminder or to view the full details when registration opens!

“On the challenge course discover your limits….”

The Edge of Walton Challenge Course (EWCC) is southwestern Ontario’s outdoor adventure.  We offer challenging & innovative activities like climbing, balancing, and tight rope walking.  We provide an exciting way to develop effective teamwork, build relationships, and sharpen problem-solving skills in a variety of program formats.

Harboured in a natural forested setting, you will be guided through the use of high tower elements, low course elementsbiking and more special activities.

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We are located just outside the hamlet of  Walton Ontario. An enhanced location with many exciting  features, additions and potential for future development, the challenge course is part of the range of recreational activities offered at Walton Raceway

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