Student/Youth Waiver

Risk & Liabilities Waiver – Students & Minors

(please send one signed copy with  participants under 18 years of age)

The Edge Of Walton Challenge Course is a series of carefully designed, interactive elements in which groups are able, through planned challenges, to discover and address such skills as leadership, teamwork, communication, trust and much more … all in a safe, contained environment.

Participating in the course elements does not require special athletic ability or physical prowess.  This is not a competition of endurance or strength.  All activities at Edge Of Walton are conducted on a strict “challenge by choice” policy.

All staff at Edge Of Walton Challenge Course are professionally trained and CUI*-Certified to operate the equipment and to facilitate participants in its proper use.  While every effort is make to keep users safe, there are inherent risks that cannot be removed from challenge course activities.  Above the Falls is a non-for-profit organization.


I, the undersigned, on behalf of the minor participant             (name)           , acknowledge and accept the nature of the risks associated with the Edge Of Walton Challenge Course including but not limited to  minor cuts and abrasions resulting from contact with equipment or other people; serious injury as a result of a fall; abrupt and possible damaging contact with fixed objects; anxiety or fear which may accompany activities at heights reaching 50 feet; close personal contact with other participants.

I further certify that the participant named above is fully capable of participating in these activities and therefore assume and accept full responsibility for any bodily injury that may occur.

The undersigned does hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify Edge Of Walton Challenge Course, its employees, board of directors, volunteers, agents and officers as well as the Walton Raceway and the Tite Racing Company from any and all liability arising from activities associated with a challenge course, but only if arising out of their sole negligence.

Signature of Parent/Guardian:                                              Date:


CUI – Challenges Unlimited Inc.

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