2. Participants

Properly filled out  Student Consent Forms or Adult Waiver Form

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  • drinking water, in a reusable container
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • camera
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  • Loose-fitting clothes that allow for movement are recommended.
  • Dress for the weather (layers are best). Be prepared for changing conditions (we are outside).
  • Closed-toe footwear is required (tennis and hiking shoes work best).
  • Climbing gloves are optional although they are not necessary as all the cables and ropes are smooth to the touch.
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1. Safety

  • Sandals
  • Jewellery
  • Cell phones, i-pods and other electronic devices
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High Tower Adventures are better suited for Students Grade 7 and up.
Low Outdoor Elements may be adapted for youth as young as eight years.

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Obstacles are engineered with the highest quality cable and rope systems available. All safety equipment is provided by the Edge of Walton Challenge Course and staff are professionally trained and CUI-certified (Challenges Unlimited Inc.) to operate the course equipment and to facilitate participants to its proper use.

3. Background

The Above the Falls Challenge Course was previously located at the Falls Reserve Conservation Area in Benmiller, on land leased from the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority. It was a not-for-profit, community-supported organization developed by Huron County’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, Rob Bundy, with the support of the Huron Business Development Corporation, the County of Huron and OMAFRA’s Rural Economic Development funding. The challenge course project was designed to engage local youth, create jobs, develop a non-competitive business and environmentally sustainable enterprise.

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The Edge of Walton Challenge Course (EWCC) continues in the same spirit as Above the Falls with the same personnel and equipment bolstered by new additions. The EWCC non-profit organization serves as the vehicle to deliver appropriate programming for youth engagement and ensuring accessibility to the disadvantaged . Walton Raceway is the host location and ensures the availability of the resources required to deliver all programs. Tite Racing Promotions is the operating company responsible for overall organization and execution of events and activities on the site.

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4. Information

Ropes courses are referred to using several different names, including Challenge Courses, Ropes Challenge Courses, Teams Course, and Low Ropes, as well as more idiosyncratic names such as the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (Project COPE) course (used by the Boy Scouts of America).

An Aerial Adventure Park (or “European-Style” Adventure Park, Tree-Top Adventure course) has a more recreational purpose.

Other related terms include Obstacle Courses, Assault Courses and Commando Courses, although these terms also have slightly different meanings, often more associated with military training than with education and training for the general public.

Learn more in this wikipedia article

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We look forward to hearing from you. We monitor Twitter and Facebook for messages so you can reach us @edgeofwalton or fb.com/EdgeofWalton.

To book your group or to make further inquiries, contact:

Brett Lee, Manager , 519-525-6409 , text or voice or  Brett@motocrosscanada.ca

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We are located midway between Stratford and Goderich, an enjoyable one hour drive north from London or west from Waterloo. We are part of the Walton Raceway facility in scenic Huron County, a part of Ontario’s West Coast.

Walton Raceway
42932 Walton Rd,
Walton, ON N0K 1Z0

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