What is Functional Food?

Functional Food can be defined as a food that has demonstrated some measurable health benefit. An example would be some fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. There is a pool of scientific evidence to show that omega-3 fats can improve heart health, brain health, and immune health. All of the meals prepared and served at Grand Sparks will be accompanied by functional food lesson to inform our youngsters and their grandparents about the macro and micronutrients found in our food, and these nutrients act as the building blocks to fuel our bodies. 

Food is Important!

Adding the Nutrition component into the Grand Sparks itinerary helps our campers understand the importance of holistic health. Our promotion of outdoor exploration and physical activity goes hand-in-hand with teaching campers how to fuel their bodies with the right nutrients. Each day, grandparents and their grandkids will work together to prepare a healthy lunch – allowing for the kids to learn about safe and healthy food preparation. After the food has been prepared with an understanding of the benefits of the food, it’s time to eat! Through getting the food ready and eating together, a sense of community is built amongst campers.

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