2023 Fall Promotion

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Start Your Year on a High Note!

As Fall is right around the corner that means back to the classroom and back to extra circulars. We had a very successful Spring and Summer, and we are looking forward to ending our year with a BANG at the Edge of Walton. What better way to end our year and start yours then with a PROMO! For the rest of our season, we will be offering a special fall promotion for $30 per person (minimum charge of $400)
Expect experiential education at its best! Under the guise of playing, students will learn to develop self-confidence, become effective listeners and leaders, and trust and bond with their peers all while enjoying the beautiful fall colors.
An educational session includes setting goals, pushing personal boundaries, and learning respect for themselves and others and is followed up with a comprehensive debriefing. EOW is a classroom without walls.
Learn personal strengths and weaknesses; Develop trust, control, and empowerment, all while being effective listeners and team leaders; Learn to value personal differences; Develop personal work ethics and responsibility; Understand the importance of having distinct personalities, attitudes and moods; Become an effective listener; Manage feelings and emotions; Develop the ability to be a smart risk-taker; Actively learn to use appropriate methods for reaching group agreement and goals; Courses teach problem-solving skills, investigation skills, and critical and creative thinking skills, all while having fun and promoting physical activity and team bonding; Celebrate success

Sample Day (Schools)
9:30am Arrival
9:45am Staff Introduction – Break into groups (three groups of XX)
10:00am Team Building Games, Low Ropes Obstacles and Nature learning at ponds.
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Climbing High Tower (Rock Wall, Cargo Net, Crows Nest, Jungle Gym)
2:00pm Free time play and day debrief
2:30pm Departures

All the Edge of Walton Staff are trained and have St, John Level First Aid & CPR as well as Adventure Part Staff training. Our course is inspected and certified yearly by Challenges Unlimited.Contact Jamie at info@edgeofwalton.ca to get a quote today!

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